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The Artist Alexander Isachev.

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     Alexander Isachev born in Rechitsa of Gomel region, Byelorussia. Died in 1987 at the age 32, three days after his first personal exhibition had taken place in his native town.

      The major part of Isachev's pictures that had not found acknowledgement in his country were taken abroad. Today they can be found in galleries of Western Europe and private collections. They have always been eagerly and expensively bought.

          Isachev’s pictures are perfomed with the technique of smooth painting which ia a very thorough and tedios one. This technique as well as other secrets of painting were being mastered by Isachev independently since he had studies at School of Music and Fine Arts only four years.
     The substance part of Isachev’s creative activity impresses by its scales and diversity. His Universum is filled with mythological characters of different peoples, Biblical spirituality and tragism.
     Actually, the very life of Alexander Isachev was filled with events that were not less spiritual and tragic. He survived the conspiracy of silence and persecution, temptation of having a quiet and well-off life of «court» painter. But being faithful to his fate he selflessly kept on creating pictures, painting temples shocking even his enemies with his workability, fantasy and skill. Fame and acknowledgement came to him unforgivably late but it is not that he cared for them, he just had something to share with people. He left a heritage of more than 500 painting and thousand of graphics works.
     We did not need too much time to dare look inside ourselves and emptiness, and having obtained new eyesight, to cling to the lively sourse of kindness in Isachev’s creations.
     The world where Alexander Isachev lived was severe and cruel to him. His art gives birth to Hope and Faith in a man.
     It is said: «Blissful are those banished for truth for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven».

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